Our Mission

Our mission is to provide healthcare to residents of Greene County who are uninsured and whose income is below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Identifying the Need

In April 2005, a group of Greene County residents began meeting to discuss how to help their neighbors who did not have health insurance.

It was realized that many uninsured Greene County citizens were using distant hospital emergency rooms for their health care, and many could not afford to buy their medications. It was estimated that about 1,800 people in the County were uninsured, and were not eligible for Medicaid or Medicare.

The decision was made to start an independent nonprofit clinic in Greene County to serve the uninsured.

Greene Care Clinic Front Entrance 3 September 2019.jpg

Quality Care for our Community.

"“I was very pleased with the care I received.”

— Greene Care Clinic Patient


Meeting the Challenge

The demand for the services of the Clinic has proven the need. There were over 900 visits to the Clinic in 2018.

Many workers are without health insurance because their employer does not provide insurance for their employees. Others are above poverty level, working regularly, but cannot afford to purchase health insurance.

The Executive Director notes that the overall health of a community is adversely affected when some of its members do not have the means to get adequate medical care. The Clinic helps these residents and their families stay healthy and stay on the job.

Since the Medicaid Expansion was begun January 1, 2019, many of our patients received health insurance. But we are now dedicated to the individuals who have an income, but cannot afford to buy health insurance.